Opera 10.63 Windows 95 Fix


Under Windows 95, Opera 10.63 does not normally run out of the box and gives an error about missing exports of DuplicateTokenEx, InterlockedCompareExchange, and/or GlobalMemoryStatusEx. However, with simple hex editing and UPXing, it is possible to run Opera 10.63 under Windows 95 (tested on OSR2, unsure if works on Gold or OSR1). Credit goes to Andrew T. from the MSFN Forums who initially posted the trick.

Note: DCOM95 1.3 (search for "dcom95.exe") and Windows Sockets 2.0 (search for "W95ws2setup.exe") are required to run Opera 9.5 and later under any version of Windows 95.


Known Bugs

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Opera 10.63 Windows 95 Fix
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